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The Client Welcome Guide

An Adobe Indesign Template For Designers


What is the client welcome guide?


The client welcome guide is a template for designers helping you to up-level your client experience + the overall design process as well as help to manage client expectations from the get go. 

Communicating well & establishing boundaries is the best way to serve your clients well and this template will help with both! If I had the CWG when I first started my business, it would have saved me from learning SO many lessons the hard way. The CWG is perfect for you if you are a new designer looking to set expectations and serve your clients well from the get go, or if you have been designing for years and just haven’t found the time to create a welcome guide (I get it!)



• 16 pages of editable Indesign Content
• Table of Contents Page
• Welcome to our Studio Page
• A design process overview page
• Explaining the one concept approach (this can be changed out if you use a different approach)
Estimated timeline & timeline explanation
• Communication expectations + late fees
• Client Feedback Instructions .
• Social media and why you share BTS & WIPs .
• Add ons and costs
• Deliverables
• Tools we use
• A heartfelt Thank you for trusting you with their branding
An instructions pdf
• Links to the Free Fonts used


Frequently Asked Questions


WHo is it for?

The CWG was created specifically for graphic designers who are looking to make their design process smoother as well as manage client expectations from the get go.


Is this only for new designers?

No! While I wish I had the CWG when I first started out, it will also be beneficial to experienced designers who just have not had the time to create an in depth welcome guide.


What size is it?

The file is sized to be A4. However, I have been playing around with the idea of also including an editorial spread version. Feel free to let me know if that is something that interests you!



Since this is a digital product and you access all of the files immediately among purchase, all sales are final. If you have any questions about your template, feel free to send me an email. I am happy to help!


What format is it?

The CWG is an Adobe InDesign File. There is an INDD file for Creative Cloud users as well as an IDML file for anyone using CS4 and beyond.


Can I use your words?

Yes! If you are a brand designer, I created the guide so that most of the content will be applicable to you and you can easily update what is not or make changes to reflect your own unique voice!


Does it include the photos in the mockups?

For copyright purposes, it does not. Most likely you would want to use your own branded images anyways! However, if you love the ones used in the mockup, I had a custom album created with those images that you can purchase here.


Is the template easy to customize?

Yes! I strategically designed it so that you can easily customize the template to fit your brand. There are instructions on how to customize your name, contact info, fonts and color palette in just a matter of seconds!

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up-leveling the design experience for you and your clients.