Cherry Blossom Healing Arts

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Cherry Blossom
Healing Arts



brand words:
Warm, Accessable, Personalized

Cherry Blossom Healing Arts is a personalized, holistic acupuncture, herbal medicine and wellness planning clinic located in Washington, DC. Cherry Blossom serves as a wellness haven for Washingtonians, a place where healthcare meets self-care. It is a place where people feel completely comfortable and relaxed and where patients often become friends. We wanted the CB branding to feel like a breath of fresh air. We wanted their brand to be sophisticated yet approachable and feminine, yet strong to appeal to their female demographic. When creating the badge, the cherry blossom seemed like an obvious symbol for their name, but we wanted it to have more meaning. The scallops in the background were inspired by Chinese culture and art as a nod to their Chinese medicine practices and we love the way it subtly spells out "DC".

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