A peek into our Media Kit Template


We are SO excited to announce that our Media Kit Template is launching on Thursday, May 9th! We have been working so hard on this template and truly believe you are going to love it!

So you might be wondering, “what is a media kit?” We are glad you asked. ;) A Media Kit can also be known as a Pricing or Services guide. The goal of a Media Kit is to streamline your inquiry process by answering questions and presenting your services in a beautiful way. We believe that a beautifully designed Media Kit will set you apart from the crowd and have your potential clients excited to work exclusively with YOU. Since switching to sending custom proposals with our Media Kit our conversion rate has almost DOUBLED.

Customizable Pages.png

The Media kit contains 18 slides (plus 5 different cover options) designed and editable in both Adobe InDesign and Canva. The template is created to be saved as a PDF to be sent electronically, but it can also be printed if needed.


+ Cover Page (5 different options to choose from)
+ Table of Contents
+ Welcome
+ Our Philosophy
+ The Process (2 pages)
+ Features
+ Recent Work (3 pages but you can duplicate or delete pages as needed)
+ The Investment
+ Packages (3 pages for different packages but can be customized to fit your own unique pricing structure)
+ A la Carte Pricing/Add Ons
+ FAQs
+ Next Steps/Booking Instructions
+ A heartfelt thanks

When creating this template, it was so important to us that you are able to customize it to make it unique to you and your own business.

5 Different Cover Options


Who is the media kit template for?
Any service based business.

Can I customize it to my own branding?
Yes Yes YES! The template is strategically designed to easily change colors, fonts and photos to make it custom to you and your brand. In addition, I also created multiple cover options and include fun graphics that you can add into your template to make it truly unique to you. Have some fun with it!





Some other FAQs:

What is a media kit?
A media kit is what you sed  to a prospective clients after they inquire with you. If you have set pricing, you can send the media kit directly after the inquiry. If you have custom pricing, you can treat your media kit more like a project proposal. Either way, your media kit should make you stand out from the crowd by providing an incredible first impression, answering FAQs, showcasing some of of your favorite work and clearly providing instructions on how to book you.

How is this different from your client welcome guide?
I’m so glad you asked! The Media Kit template is made to send to people directly after they inquire (before they book) and is an amazing way to sell yourself. The Client Welcome Guide is made to send to clients after they book in order to set your project up for success. In addition, The Media Kit is made for any business, whereas the CWG is specifically made for designers.

What format will it be available in?
The Media Kit template will be available in both Adobe InDesign and Canva.

Are the photos included?
No, for copyright reasons they are not. Everyones brand is unique and will have pictures to reflect that. However, I do include links to the images that I use, as well as some of my other favorite image resources if you do not have branding images yet. ;)

What size is the Media Kit?
The Media kit is A4 size.

Why A4?
I chose A4 for a few different reasons. Most of the entrepreneurs that I talk to send out their Media Kit via email. A4 showcases beautifully via email whereas sometimes a more standard magazine size does not display as two pages. If you are investing in a beautiful Media Kit I want to make sure that it is displayed perfectly! I also chose A4 because my Client Welcome Guide is A4 and it will be consistent for those who purchase both.

Is the template easy to use?
If you have any experience with InDesign or Canva, this template will be super easy for you to customize! If you do not have experience with either, it may take a few minutes of poking around to get the hang of it, but I promise you can figure it out. :) The template includes an instructional video and PDF that will hold your hand through your customizations.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to drop them in the comment box below!